All The New Disney World Changes & Policies After Reopening

There are a ton of new changes now in Walt Disney World, including new guidelines that guests now have to follow.

In this story, we are going to go over all the changes you will see the next time you visit the parks. Wearing face masks, guest distancing, and novel ways of queuing for attractions are among them.

That means if you are fully vaccinated wearing a face mask is completely optional at Disney World both indoors and outdoors.

Walt Disney World Removes Face Mask Rule for Vaccinated Guests

Disney Eliminates Social Distancing in the Theme Parks

The 6-foot social distancing requirement will remain in place in some areas like while dining.

Disney has decided that Virtual Queues and Park Passes are both useful to the company and enhance the guest experience.

Bob Chapek Confirms Park Pass Reservations & Virtual Queues to Stay in Parks

This is a way to control how many people are in the park each day and makes it easier for Disney staff to prepare the infrastructure and keep to the guidelines.

Making Reservations for the Theme Parks

The way guests enter the theme parks, for example, is very different, and might even take a bit longer to go through.

Arriving at the Parks

The face mask policy has been removed for fully vaccinated guests, and face masks are 100% optional anywhere on Walt Disney World property.

Face Masks

Things that are “high touch” areas are now sanitized with even more regularity.

Sanitization of Areas

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