All The New Disney World Changes & Guidelines After Reopening

At some point, you’ll be stepping back inside a Disney park again. When you do, however, things are going to be a lot different than what you remember.

In fact, there are a ton of new changes now in Walt Disney World, including new guidelines that guests now have to follow.

In this post, we are going to go over all the changes you will see the next time you visit the parks.

Phased Reopening The first change is a phased reopening of Walt Disney World. The company is slowly opening various areas of the resort in phases and not all at the same time.

Limited Attendance Disney is also limiting the number of guests they allow into the parks each day.

When the parks reopened in July 2020, capacity was limited to 25% of the normal attendance. Disney decided that was enough to enforce the distancing rules.

Making Reservations for the Theme Parks Another big change is making reservations mandatory to have access to the theme parks.

This is a way to control how many people are in the park each day and makes it easier for Disney staff to prepare the infrastructure and keep to the guidelines.

Arriving at the Parks Once all your plans are made and you arrive at Walt Disney World, there are some more safety measures you will find.

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