Aftermath of Hurricane Ian at Disney World

As you already know, Hurricane Ian hit Walt Disney World last night after pummeling the west coast of Florida and then traveling through the center of the state leaving a trail of chaos.

In this story, we're going to take a look around the Walt Disney World Resort property and show you the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever hit the United States.

We’ll be updating this story throughout the next few days so you can see exactly what happened and if there are any long-term ramifications from the storm.

Disney Swan and Dolphin Resort One of the scariest scenes at Disney World occurred last night at the Disney Swan and Dolphin resort when we saw the heavy winds moving across the property.


Thankfully nothing happened here except for the wind, heavy rain, and minor flooding, we haven’t seen any damage at this hotel so far.

No structural damage to the resort, but there are trees down between te Cabanas and Ranchos buildings, along with some flooding.

Coronado Springs

Theme Parks

The Walt Disney World theme parks haven’t reopened yet and we don’t have any reports of damage to them at this point. As soon as the parks reopen we will have more info for you.

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