27 Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom

We love to eat in the Disney Parks, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom is quickly becoming one of, if not THE best park for snacks in Walt Disney World.

Keep in mind this list is for the best snacks in 2022, however, Disney is constantly introducing new items and taking away some of our favorites, so we’ll continue to update it with any new changes.

Buffalo Chicken Chips – Trilo-Bites

Best Savory Snacks at Animal Kingdom

All these ingredients work well together and the hefty chips are able to hold all the toppings without falling apart.

We love the crispy shell which isn’t covered in grease, and the pork and veggie stuffing has a great taste.

Pork Egg Rolls – Yak and Yeki

What we love about it besides the size is the pretzel is soft and super chewy.

Colossal Pretzel – Pongu Pongu

The portion of food you get in the Ribs is awesome, and the ribs themselves are seasoned perfectly, more a dry rub than the goopy ribs you normally think of.

Ribs Bowl – Harambe Market

Onion Ring Basket – Flame Tree Barbecue

These make our list for best Animal Kingdom Snacks because of the giant portion and the incredible fried batter on them.

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