23 Top Snacks at Animal Kingdom

We love to eat in the Disney Parks, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom is quickly becoming one of, if not THE best park for snacks in Walt Disney World.

We’ve composed our list of the best Animal Kingdom snacks so that you can know exactly what to eat, and what treats are going to give you the best value for your money or your snack credits.

The seasoned fries from Mr. Kamal’s are definitely the best fries in the Animal Kingdom.

Best Savory Snacks at Animal Kingdom

Mr Kamal’s Seasoned Fries – Mr Kamal’s

The chicken fried rice from the Yak and Yeti is one of the best value snacks in Animal Kingdom and a perfect item to share.

Chicken Fried Rice – Yak and Yeki

Your Mac and Cheese options in Animal Kingdom are abundant, and the one from Flame Tree is outstanding!

Baked Macaroni & Cheese w/ Pulled Pork – Flame Tree Barbecue

The hot dog is very tasty, but it’s the soft and buttery dough it’s wrapped in that keeps us coming back for more.

Hot Dog Wrapped in Dough – Satu’li Canteen

We told you that the Animal Kingdom was a hotspot for Mac and Cheese lovers.

Mac and Cheese – Eight Spoon Cafe

These are not normal Chinese dumplings you might be thinking of, but they have an awesome, crispy shell to them and are served with a Ponzu sauce for dipping.

Chicken Dumplings – Mr Kamal’s

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