2022 Disney World Planning Guide | Planning a Disney Vacation

Whether you are looking for information about the Disney World Parks, hotels, dining, transportation, the best rides, how to save money, or how to avoid the crowds, we have you covered in this guide.

This guide is especially great for beginners who have never been to Disney World or go rarely, but we also pack in a lot of good tips for regular guests too.

– What dates do I want to go? Are those dates flexible? – What is my budget? – What type of hotel do I want to stay in?

How to Plan a Disney Vacation

The most important suggestion we can give you is to get organized. The more work you do before your trip to plan everything out, the easier things will be for you and your family once you get there.

Yes, it is physically possible to go to Disney World without planning your trip, but I would highly recommend against such an action.

Can You Go to Disney World Without Planning?

STEP 1: Write down notes. There are going to be a lot of details, prices, and dates to remember so get a dedicated notebook for your upcoming trip.

How Do I Start Planning a Trip to Disney World?

STEP 2: Set a Budget.

Make no mistake about it, a trip to Walt Disney World is expensive and costs can add up very quickly.

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