15 Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios

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Our list is in no specific order, so feel free to try whatever snacks look best to you. We haven’t included many of the seasonal snacks.

These are one of, if not the best snack in Hollywood Studios. Crispy tater tots, hearty chili, cheese, and corn chips, then topped off with a dollop of sour cream!

Totchos – Woody’s Lunch Box

The Bavarian Pretzel at Baseline Tap House is the best pretzel in Walt Disney World, hands down! The Bavarian pretzel here on the other hand is chewy outside, but has a super soft inside.

The Hollywood Studios cupcakes are legendary, and the Butterfinger Cupcake is the ruler of them all! This is a snacking rite-of-passage in Hollywood.

Butterfinger Cupcake – Trolly Car Cafe

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The Lunch Box Tarts come in a variety of flavors, Raspberry, Chocolate-Hazelnut, and also seasonal varieties, and are made fresh in-house.

Lunch Box Tarts – Woody’s Lunch Box

The Carrot Cookie Cake at Trolly Car Cafe is totally worth trying though as the soft carrot cake cookie is the perfect covering for the sweet cream cheese frosting on the inside.

Carrot Cake Cookie 

There are multiple flavors you can choose from strawberries and vanilla ice cream, cookies and cream, or the regular funnel cake with powdered sugar.

Funnel Cakes – Epic Eats

Ronto Wrap – Ronto Roasters

A crisp and spicy sausage, wrapped in pork loin, coleslaw, and a warm pita, then topped off with a creamy peppercorn sauce.

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15 Best Snacks at  Hollywood Studios

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