11 Best  Magic Kingdom Quick Service Restaurants

In between all the attractions at the Magic Kingdom you are bound to get hungry and you don’t always want a big meal.

In this post, we’re going to share with your the best counter service restaurants at the Magic Kingdom and what to order when you go there.


Right now there are 24 quick service restaurants at the Magic Kingdom. Some of them are full restaurants with entrees, others only serve snacks and desserts.

What Type of Food Can I Expect to Find at the Magic Kingdom? Outside of some Italian and Mexican, there aren’t very many international cuisines represented here.

Which Magic Kingdom Quick Service Restaurants Sell Alcohol? The Magic Kingdom was completely alcohol-free until 2012 when Be Our Guest opened and began serving wine and beer.

Unfortunately, the only restaurants at Disney’s Magic Kingdom that serve alcohol are table service restaurants and no alcohol is available at quick service restaurants at this time.

Allergies & Dietary Restrictions Thankfully, Disney does a very good job at offering guests a variety of food and drinks that are compatible with the most common allergies and dietary restrictions.

Best Quick Service at the Magic Kingdom Ranked

1. Sleepy Hollow (Liberty Square) Putting Sleepy Hollow as our number one Magic Kingdom quick service may seem like a stretch to some.

After all, the menu isn’t very big and many wouldn’t even consider it a full-fledged counter service restaurant and more like a snack stand

However, there are still enough options that you can use as a meal and everything they do is so amazing we couldn’t knock them below #1.

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