1-Day Disney World Tickets |  Info & Complete Guide

In this story, we will explain everything there is to know about 1-Day Disney World theme park tickets including prices and how you can even get a discount on them in some situations.

We’ll cover all the various 1-Day ticket options (Base ticket, Park Hopper, Park Hopper Plus, and the Water Parks & Sports option) and what is included in each of them. 

1-Day Tickets were typically purchased at the gate and were highly sought-after, particularly by visitors passing through or attending conventions.

1-Day Disney World Tickets in 2023

These tickets are perfect if you want to focus on maximizing your experience in one park without the need to hop between multiple parks.

Should You Buy It?

Even if you’d like to take a midday break (like our family often chooses to do), you’ll still be able to re-enter the same park and spend later afternoons and evenings in that same park.

With a park hopper, you can visit as many parks as you’d like. If timed correctly, you can maximize and fully utilize all your time in a given day.

1-Day Park Hopper Tickets

This can be very advantageous if done properly and, for the additional cost, you’ll have the option to see more with a park hopper.

Should You Buy It?

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