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Latest Walt Disney World Ticket Price Increases (2023)

We all knew this was coming eventually, and today we got our latest Walt Disney World ticket price increase. It’s the third one so far this year and there were some big jumps in Multi-Day and 1-Day Disney World tickets including a whole new pricing structure. Let’s break down just exactly what has changed from 2022 vs. 2023:

(UPDATE) – Disney just announced more Walt Disney World ticket price increases for 2023 multi-day park tickets, with some big differences compared to last year.

Disney also recently released park-specific pricing for 1-Day, 1-Park tickets. That means now pricing is different for each of the 4 Disney World theme parks for 1-Day tickets. We also found out there are significant price increases for Annual Passes and the Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus add-on options.

Keep reading for the latest.

If you haven’t heard, Disney World is now using a Date-Based Ticket System for its theme parks. All 4 Disney World theme parks use surge-based pricing which depends on WHEN you are going to Disney World, with specific times of the year and even certain days are either more expensive or cheaper than others.

This date-based ticket system gives people incentive to go to Disney World in a “slower” period of the year when attendance is less, helping to spread out park traffic more evenly between the peak season and the “off” season (though that doesn’t exist in Walt Disney World anymore), and creating a better overall guest experience.

It also allows Disney to charge more during the seasons when they know their parks will be filled.

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What are the Latest Walt Disney World Ticket Price Increases?

EPCOT Spaceship Earth and new fountain

The latest increase in Disney World ticket prices affects Multi-Day tickets for 2023 and beyond. Single-Day tickets for 2023 have not changed during this round of price increases because they were already increased a short time ago. We have all those changes listed here as well.

Multi-Day Disney World tickets went up in price all the way from $11 per day to $40 depending on the number of days chosen. That’s a HUGE deal and it can mean $100 or more extra per day for a family of 4!

Then we have Single-Day tickets. The biggest change here is not only that park tickets have gone up in price, but also Walt Disney World has announced that starting December 8, 2022, it is introducing a park-specific pricing structure for 1-Day, 1-Park tickets.

Up until this point, all 4 theme parks cost the exact same no matter which day you were visiting. So if you bought a ticket for Disney’s Magic Kingdom for July 1, a ticket for EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom cost the exact same price on July 1. The price only changed according to the date you chose.

Now with this new park-specific pricing, it means that the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom each have completely different prices for that same date, as well as different price ranges.

theme park entrance ticket tap point MagicBand reader

1-Day Disney World park ticket prices:

  • Magic Kingdom: $124-$189 (plus tax)
  • EPCOT: $114-$179 (plus tax)
  • Hollywood Studios: $124-$179 (plus tax)
  • Animal Kingdom: $109-$159 (plus tax)

Remember, this new park-specific pricing and the new price ranges are only for 1-Day tickets. Multi-Day tickets have not changed and each of the 4 parks still costs the exact same as the others.

Disney has obviously structured the new pricing based on park popularity. For example, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios have the highest base price at $124, while EPCOT starts at $114, and Animal Kingdom starts at $109, which was the old base price for all 4 parks.

As for the high end of the range, Magic Kingdom is the highest and tops out at $189, followed by EPCOT and Hollywood Studios which both top at $179, and Animal Kingdom which remains at the old high of $159.

Disney World Tickets booth Ticket and Transportation Center

That equates to an increase in the base price of $5-$15 for all parks but the Animal Kingdom, and an increase of $20-$30 each for those same 3 parks.

The high end of that range when the tickets get to the $179 and $189 level should only be when parks are at their absolute busiest, think Christmas to New Year’s. But still, if you are planning to go during that time, or any of the other holidays for that matter, expect to pay significantly more for those days.

The other big change to 1-Day tickets is that guests are no longer required to make Park Pass Reservations for their visit, and they will instead be automatically added to the guest’s reservation upon purchase of the ticket. That is a good change and something that Disney can now do since you choose your park right at purchase.

We also found out about price increases to Disney World Annual Passes with the cost going up from $43 to $100 per guest, depending on the type of ticket you choose. The only one that didn’t go up in price is the Pixie Dust Pass, which remains at $399.

Hollywood Studios park entrance filled with guests

Only a few months ago, we got price increases for Single-Day tickets which had a big jump across the board from 2022 to 2023. Prices increased for the base tickets from about $5-$30 per guest, depending on the park and the dates of your visit.

To give you some examples, the cheapest 1-Day Base Ticket in May 2022 was $124 but now the cheapest ticket in May 2023 is $139 to $159 depending on the park you are going to. Also, the cheapest 1-Day Base Ticket in November 2022 was $134, whereas the cheapest in November 2023 is now $144 to $164.

The latest multi-day tickets included the 5-Day Base Ticket increasing $18.82 from $484.52 to $503.34. The cheapest 7-Day Ticket increased by $29.52 from $511.10 to $540.62.

Prices vary when you change the number of days you add on, but strangely enough, the 6-Day Base Ticket saw the biggest increase with a $30.77 difference as it went from $496.43 to $527.20.

All these increases make getting Discount Disney World Tickets an even more attractive option over booking them directly through Disney.

Single Ticket Prices

The latest jump in Disney World ticket prices was to 2023 Multi-Day Theme Park Tickets, but in this section we are going to focus on Single Date-based Theme Park Tickets and we’ll get in the multi-day ones in a little bit. The Date-based ticket window is now extended beyond the previous December 31, 2022 date and all the way through December 31, 2023.

It’s important to note that not only did the actual RANGE of ticket prices increase, but the average price of tickets in 2023 is now higher than the average ticket price in 2022.

Let’s look at Disney World 1-Day tickets.

  • The price range of tickets in 2023 is $109 – $189
  • The price range of tickets in 2022 was $109 – $159

The range here has jumped up quite a bit compared to last year. In fact, there is a $30 increase in the maximum price you can pay. That’s only the beginning though.

Since Single-Day, 1-Park tickets moved to a park-specific pricing level, guests are actually paying even more. The $109-$159 level in 2023 is only for the Animal Kingdom.

1-Day EPCOT tickets range from $114 to $179, Hollywood Studios is $124-$179, and the Magic Kingdom is from $124 to $189. Now with each park in view, it’s much easier to see how much more you will be paying.

Not only that but a closer look on a month-by-month basis reveals that there are fewer $109 days in 2023 and most of the dates in 2023 are in a higher price slot within that range when comparing dates to 2022.

Let’s look at a few examples. First, we are going to compare Magic Kingdom tickets in July 2022 with July 2023. The first image is 2022:

Disney World ticket price calendar July 2022

The prices for 1-Day tickets in 2022 ranged from $129-$140 each.

Now look at the dates in July 2023:

1-Day Park Ticket Calendar July 2023

On the calendar it shows the low-end price, which is again only for Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Both the cheapest and most expensive days of the month have increased in 2023 and range from $134 to $154 each. That’s an increase of $5 on the low end and $14 on the high end.

But that’s not the only thing. As you can see, for 1-Day tickets, that range of $134-$154 is only for the Animal Kingdom. Prices for Disney’s Magic Kingdom range from $149 to $179 each!

1-Day Park Tickets July 2023

If you are comparing the high end Magic Kingdom ticket to what it was just one year ago, that’s a $39 difference!

July is not the only month we see this change, but the average price per day has increased across the board in all 12 months.

Let’s look at September 2022 compared to September 2023. The first image is 2022:

WDW Ticket Prices Single Day September 2022

The prices for 1-Day tickets in 2022 ranged from $109-$140 each. Now let’s look at 2023.

1-Day Park Ticket Calendar September 2023

1-Day tickets in September 2023 start at $109 which is the same as in 2022, but they go up to $144 which is a $4 increase. The average price also increased from $121.60 in 2022 to $126.50 in 2023, almost $5 on average.

But again, that’s only the Animal Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom tickets in September 2023 range fom $129 to $169 which is a $29 increase on the high end.

Now let’s look at Single-Day tickets in November 2022:

WDW Ticket Prices Single Day November 2022

The prices for 1-Day tickets in 2022 ranged from $134-$154 each. Now let’s look at 2023.

1-Day Park Ticket Calendar November 2023

Prices for 1-Day tickets in 2023 range from $144 to $159. That’s a $10 increase on the low end of the spectrum and a $5 increase on the high end. However, Magic Kingdom tickets range from $159 all the way up to $184 each!

The fact that the overall price range for the entire year remains at $109 – $159 is deceiving because it’s only referring to the Animal Kingdom. Really the range is from $109 to $189 with average prices much higher in the middle.

The bottom line is that you will pay more each day in 2023 because the average price is higher. This is no surprise and keeping the range makes guests feel like they aren’t paying any more, when in reality, they are.

Disney also updated the Disney World Annual Passes prices, we just don’t know when they are coming back yet, but they will be a whole lot more expensive when they do.

Multi-Day Ticket Price Increase

Magic Kingdom Ticket Prices

With this latest round of price updates, we’ve also seen multi-day tickets rise in price, and pretty dramatically. Here are the current Walt Disney World Multi-Day Ticket Prices for Adults.

Disney World Base Theme Park Tickets

1-Day Tickets: before $116.09 – $169.33, now $116.09 – $201.29
2-Day Tickets: before $226.13 – $329.86, now $236.49 – $358.53
3-Day Tickets: before $341.28 – $476, now $362.13 – $528.19
4-Day Tickets: before $447.70 – $596.74, now $455.09 – $632.24
5-Day Tickets: before $484.52 – $646.87, now $503.34 – $708.88
6-Day Tickets: before $496.43 – $672.25, now $527.20 – $748.97
7-Day Tickets: before $511.10 – $694.96, now $540.62 – $765.36
8-Day Tickets: before $545.19 – $716.20, now $556.93 – $775.81
9-Day Tickets: before $563.46 – $738.66, now $579.36 – $788.34
10-Day Tickets: before $582.09 – $752.40, now $601.28 – $802.40

Disney World Park Hopper Tickets

1-Day Tickets: $194.90 – $268.38
2-Day Tickets: $316.37 – $449.06
3-Day Tickets: before $416.37 – $555.88, now $427.73 – $580.95
4-Day Tickets: before $540.89 – $687.27, now $540.09 – $727.24
5-Day Tickets: before $572.47 – $739.92, now $588.34 – $803.88
6-Day Tickets: before $586.96 – $762.77, now $612.20 – $843.97
7-Day Tickets: before $601.63 – $785.48, now $625.62 – $860.36
8-Day Tickets: before $628.04 – $810.55, now $641.93 – $870.81
9-Day Tickets: before $649.96 – $827.00, now $664.36 – $883.34
10-Day Tickets: before $671.55 – $841.86, now $686.28 – $897.40

Disney World Park Hopper Plus Tickets

1-Day Tickets: $217.26 – $289.68
2-Day Tickets: $337.67 – $470.36
3-Day Tickets: before $437.67 – $577.18, now $447.73 – $600.95
4-Day Tickets: before $559.53 – $708.57, now $560.09 – $747.24
5-Day Tickets: before $593.53 – $761.22, now $608.34 – $823.88
6-Day Tickets: before $612.02 – $784.07, now $632.20 – $863.97
7-Day Tickets: before $622.98 – $806.78, now $645.62 – $880.36
8-Day Tickets: before $653.57 – $828.03, now $661.93 – $890.81
9-Day Tickets: before $678.94 – $844.66, now $684.36 – $903.34
10-Day Tickets: before $698.43 – $863.16, now $706.28 – $917.40

Multi-Day Base tickets have also seen a bump in prices by as much as $31 per day in some cases. Let’s see some examples.

Here we have prices for a 4-Day Theme Park ticket in April 2022 compared with April 2023:

Disney World 4-Day ticket price calendar April 2022

Now look at 2023:

4-Day WDW Ticket price April 2023

Starting on the first Friday in April 2022 total price for a 4-Day ticket was $505.94 and in 2023 the price is $604.58, more than an $24 increase per day, and $100 per ticket total.

Why is there a Walt Disney World Ticket Price Increase?

There is an increase in ticket prices at Walt Disney World every year, and this isn’t something new to 2023. In fact, sometimes it’s even higher than this latest one.

guests scanning tickets at Hollywood Studios entrance

Seemingly, Disney wanted to increase ticket prices in a way that it’s not so blatantly noticeable to the guest.

Of course, we know the latest price increases are even more attractive to Disney in 2023 as the company had a major loss in revenue during the previous 2 years due to the current health crisis. We know Disney had some major budget cuts in 2020, and that has continued up to today.

2022 was a year with a lot more visitors compared to the prior 2 years and Disney would no doubt like to benefit from that extra boost. The Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary is still in full swing through March 2023, and we expect crowds to hold strong for the rest of the year and into 2023.

Disney World Tap Point scanner

Prices are also going up because of Disney’s falling stock price. Former Disney CEO Bob Chapek and other company executives were under pressure from shareholders ever since the stock price has been cut in half from 2021. This made them even more penny-pinching than ever and has led to them looking for as many ways to increase revenue as possible.

Even though Old/New CEO Bob Iger is now in charge and has made some comments about prices being too high, we don’t expect them to fall from where they are, and they will continue to go up, maybe just not as fast as they did with Bob Chapek in command. has As long as the demand is there, bumping up the ticket prices fits the bill.

We suggest you read our post on the Cheapest Times to Go to Disney World so you can choose the dates that will save you the most money.

Pool at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

These other guides are vital in helping you plan your trip so make sure to take a look:

When Will the Next Ticket Price Increase Happen?

With the 2023 tickets on sale and this being the last ticket price increase in 2022, the prices you see now should remain the way they are for the time being. The next round of price increases could come in Winter 2023 or when they release the 2024 tickets.

Still, with the Disney Park Pass Reservations system now sticking around until 2024 and beyond, we suggest you buy your tickets as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on the dates you want.

Disney World Boardwalk at sunset

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James E Price

Saturday 17th of December 2022

My family and I have gone to Disney almost every tear for 25 years, but no more. They have priced themselves out of my vacation Budget. Universal is much cheaper, and almost as much fun!


Thursday 8th of December 2022

I own a Disney Vacation Club membership (Disney timeshare -hotels on the monorail, a stone throw away from EPCOT, and at their Animal Kingdom Resort hotel) A grandfather who will be taking grandkids and family. But will be staying at Disney and daily driving to Sea World and Universal some years and never set foot in Disney parks some trips.


Thursday 24th of November 2022

Went to Disney last week for a day, Magic Kingdom with our grandchildren. The prices are ridiculous and was so disappointed that the Princesses were not at the Kingdom but apparently at Epcot??Didn’t realize every little person's dream would be to go to Epcot! Marketing ploy for sure. Did have lunch with the Beast and it was prix fix at $70 per person children under 2, were complimentary 😂. Needless to say, the placed was packed with a steady turnover. The rides are the same as they were 40 years ago, some completely broke down when we were on them 🤦‍♀️ In reality it was people spending money hand over fist all the while griping about the economy, gas, food and we all know, that souvenir stuff from China, will eventually end up in landfill.


Tuesday 11th of October 2022

This is absolutely ridiculous lets just call it for what it is, the price hikes which I understand will happen and does happen. But the greedy $$$$ is, the more exclusive something it is the more expensive it's going to be. Disney is not about the average family anymore it's about $$$ catering to people who have it. Rich or people with deep pockets only. Walt was a lot of things.. but I think he would be incredibly disappointed in how elitist and expensive the parks have become. I'm good.

Karen Falce

Saturday 25th of June 2022

We went this May, 2022 and will probably never go again. I think Disney will price its way out of the industry. We have gone every year for the past 12 years. We have withstood price increases every year, but this seems to be way out of line. The lines were way too long, and new rides keep breaking down after standing for over an hour in the heat. It seems to be all about money and no longer about keeping it the happiest place on earth. Families will be challenged to plan a vacation at these prices, and seniors will never afford it. Stays will end up being shorter and enjoyment less. Sorry its come to this.